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Juls Reports in Rhyme

Those absent from the AGM will have missed Jul’s annual report
Recounting a memorable but challenging year of our wonderful sport…..

I returned from my second Maternity Leave around this time last summer
To a VERY different job which to be honest was a bit of a bummer
Ric held the fort so competently; he was really on a roll!
But now it was my turn once more, I had to regain control.

It wasn’t long before I got used to the weird new world of zoom.
We had some great craic and learning on there over a long winter of gloom.
The online learning opportunities of last year totalled 152.
I think these zoom workshops should be carried forward with us into the blue.

From Georeferencing to MapRun to The Art of Planning a Good Course
Our participants listened intently; they were getting knowledge straight from the source!
So, a huge thank you to our tutors – Stephen, Charlie, Philip and Graeme
All the workshops provided were received to great acclaim.

One of the biggest developments of the past year is the use of the MapRun app.
Off the ground thanks to special working group, they endeavoured to fill the gap.
Ric, Stephen, Charlie, Colin, Robbie and Des, thanks to you we have a new way of O.
This meant that during lockdown, our orienteers were still able to grab a map and go!

MapRun has been brilliant for development, sure I’ve hardly put out a control,
We all know it’s not my strong point… and the biggest pain in my… neck.
Since June last year, the number of MapRun results has been 1233.
From Limavady to Crossmurrin to the moat at Donaghadee.

The revival of Ecotrails and Permanent Courses was our next big task,
A lot the of work we could do from home, so did not even need a mask.
Stephen and Bill led the way with support from many course rangers,
Out and about on the ground, reporting back on any dangers.

So, where are we at during this mad pandemic? Current NIOA membership sits at 221.
But with all these exciting projects in the works, we are ready for so much more fun.
The FOOT Series in Fermanagh, The OATS Project in the North West,
And hub activity picking up in LVO, it is great to see how we have progressed.

So, here’s to another year of getting lost in the streets, on the mountainsides and among the trees.
I am only able to do this job thanks to your expertise.
I really appreciate all your help, support and kindness over the last few years,
You are an amazingly dedicated, skilled and valued bunch of volunteers.

Juls Hanvey, Sporting Clubs Coordinator

About the Author

Stephen Gilmore is the Hon Secretary of NI Orienteering.

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