JK11 Officials

Main Officials

  • Harold White, LVO (Event Co-ordinator)
  • Murray Cowan, LVO (Asst Event Co-ordinator and safety Officer)
  • Stephen Gilmore, LVO (Organiser day 1 and Controller TrailO/TempO)
  • Colin Henderson, LVO (Organiser Days 2 and 3, and Assistant Organiser Day 4)
  • Wilson McAlister, LVO (Organiser Day 4)
  • Igor Stefko, LVO (Planner Day 1)
  • Wilbert Hollinger, LVO (Planner Day 2 and Controller Trail O)
  • Bill Simpson, LVO (Planner Day 3 and Mapping Co-ordinator)
  • Philip Baxter, LVO (Planner Day 4 and Treasurer)
  • Alan Gartside, LVO (Organiser and Planner TrailO/TempO)
  • Gavin and Heather Cairns (Organisers String Courses)

External Controllers

  • Mike Richardson, DEE (Co-ordinating Controller and Controller Day 1)
  • Brian Bullen, FVO (Controller Day 2)
  • Graham Nilsen, MEROC (Controller Day 3)
  • Andy Lewsley, BL (Controller Day 4)
  • Ronan and Julie Clear,y LOK (IOF Event Advisors)

Assistant Officials

  • Charles Reid, NWOC (Assistant Organiser Day 1)
  • Mark Hudson, NWOC (Assistant Organiser days 2 and 4)
  • Gordon Stephens, LVO (Assistant Organiser day 3)
  • Pat Flanaghan, 3ROC (Assistant Organiser day 4)
  • Greg McCann, LVO (Assistant Planner Day 3)
  • Richard McCourt, LVO (Assistant Controller Day 1)
  • Anthony McGonigle, NWOC (Assistant Controller Day 2)
  • Richard Williamson, LVO (Assistant Controller day 3)
  • John McCullough, 3ROC (Assistant Controller Day 4)

Support Roles

  • Susan Lambe, LVO (Assistant Treasurer)
  • Alan Pentland (Coach Transport Co-ordinator)
  • Helen Baxter, LVO (Development Co-ordinator)
  • Danny O’Hare, CorkO (Download and results)
  • Christine Vince, KERNO (Entries Secretary)
  • Ivan Millar, LVO (Equipment Co-ordinator)
  • Finn Van Geldren, 3ROC (Graphic Design)
  • Ann and Harry Savage, LVO (Information Point)
  • Tish McCann, LVO (JK Social and Commentary)
  • Rachel Reid, NWOC (Media)
  • Phil Stuart, LVO (Parking)
  • Stephen and Mary Knight, LVO (Prizegiving)
  • Rosie Watkins, LVO (Relay registration)
  • Roxanne White, IOA (Relay starts, changeover, and finish)
  • Declan McGrellis, LVO (Routegadget talks and Newsletter)
  • Cecil Armstrong, LVO (SI equipment)
  • Chris Kay, LVO (Website)

Start Team Leaders

  • Raymond and Teresa Finlay, FERMO (Coordinators)
  • Ruth Blair NWOC
  • Lyle Fleming, LVO
  • Nadine Grant FERMO
  • Val Jones, Fingal
  • Lindie Naughton,3ROC
  • David Quinn, GEN
  • Don Short, CNOC

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