What are Ecotrails?

Perfect for home schoolers, an Ecotrail is an educational resource to navigate and explore the local environment using an orienteering map. Study Geography, History and Science in a fun way, with some Physical Education along the trail!

Sounds fun! Who is it for?

The Ecotrail resourses are written with Key Stage 2-3 children in mind, but that’s not to stop the whole family heading off on these adventures together; you will be surprised how much you learn! The use of the guide and the map is a nice distraction for children and you will find you cover much longer distances with you family than you would on just a regular walk.

How can I get started?

To get going, choose a location near you from the list below and click through to download and print the Ecotrail mapGuide to the Ecotrail, the Activity Booklet and Tree Identification Chart. At each of the locations you should find a post with the code E1, E2, E3 etc, but do check the notes in case there has been a notification that the post is no longer in place. Note also that some of the website suggestions in the Activity Booklet are no longer valid.

In most locations there are also posts for orienteering with the codes 1, 2, 3 etc. Maybe after you have finished the Ecotrail you could have a go at the orienteering course.


Co. Antrim

Co. Armagh

Co. Down

Co. Fermanagh

Co. Londonderry

  • Dungiven Castle and Priory – Ecotrail out of commission.
  • Prehen Wood

Co. Tyrone

Alternatively, search on a map of Northern Ireland with a list of all Ecotrails and Permanent Orienteering Courses.

I don’t have a printer! Can I still have a go?

Both the map and guide will be available on a phone but if you can use a printer please do, as you can complete the Activity Booklet as you go!

I have never been orienteering before – how do I read the map?

Great time to get started, you may find this link helpful

Anything else I should know?

Yes – if you love Ecotrails and exploring green spaces we have loads more options for you to get out there!

I need help or I have a question!

No problem, just send us a message on Facebook or contact Juls Hanvey on

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