International Representation

Junior NIOA members

NIOA members selected to run at international events  may request a subsidy of 1/3 of all reasonable costs up to £150 for EYOC,  JWOC, JEC & World University Championships and £50 for JHI and JIRCs.

NIOA members selected to attend approved training camps (eg Lagganlia) may request a travel subsidy of 1/3 of costs up to £150.

Members are reminded that they are expected to explore other sources of funding before applying to NIOA. In the past people have received funding through local district councils, Mary Peter’s Trust and schools. All extra funding must be declared on their claim form.

A  Junior Claim form 2016-17 may be downloaded.

Senior NIOA members

NIOA members selected to run at international events held outside Ireland may request a travel subsidy of to £100 for EOC and WOC and £50 for ETOC, WTOC, SHI and VHI. SHI/VHI team managers may claim up to £100.

These amounts may be reduced if £1,000 per annum overall subsidy is reached. Claims with evidence of expenditure should be forwarded to the Treasurer.

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