Junior Squad Skill Levels

The NI Orienteering Skill Levels have been put together to give athletes, coaches and parents an idea of the skills orienteers should have acquired by certain stages of their development.

By developing these skills in a systematic way it will allow orienteers of all ages and abilities to progress to the appropriate level for their age/ ability.

Why have Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum been used?

The colours Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum have been chosen to specify different skill levels as reduce confusion between the colours White to Brown that we use to describe the technical and physical difficulty of orienteering courses.

Self assessment

Included in this document is an athlete self assessment to allow athletes along with their coaches and parents to gauge which skill level they currently are at and which skills they are missing or need to work on.

How will Skill Levels be used

This Skill Levels document will form the basis of the NI Junior Squad’s training and coaching and may also be used to help inform selections.

Skill levels 2015 PDF

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