Permanent Orienteering Courses

Attending an orienteering event is a great way to start orienteering. But you can still try orienteering at any time by having a go at a Permanent Orienteering Course (POC).

  • At a conventional POC you will find a post with the red and white orienteering symbol at the centre of each circle on the map. Have a look at the extensive list of POCs in Northern Ireland or map of POCs in Northern Ireland. Do check the notes as some posts might be missing.
  • An Ecotrail which is an educational resource is available at a number of POCs. Have a look at the Ecotrails page for details.
  • With smartphone technology, you won’t be looking for a post in the ground, but a buzz on your phone when you reach the centre of the circule. Have a look at the DIY Orienteering page using the MapRun6 app to find a Virtual Orienteering Courses (VOC) near you.

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