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We are the Champions!

Yes it was all “White” on the night. Whilst most of our GB and overseas competitors head home a year ago following a weekend of excellent competition, quite a number stayed on for the short week before the Irish Orienteering Championships were held in Leinster.

Could we do it all over again? Well in just over 2 years time we have another opportunity as NIOA are scheduled to stage the British Sprint and Middle Championships, on the weekend immediately following the IOC in Leinster.

As we reflect on a small region staging a very successful JK, our coordinator Harold White muses over his reflections on a job well done. But it’s all about the competitors, so we leave the last word to the JK2011 M21E Champion, Hector Haines.

Read our final report here. (But we will be back tomorrow with the CompassSport coverage!)


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Stephen Gilmore is the Hon Secretary of NI Orienteering.

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