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The Stray Sod Strikes Again

The penultimate outing of the 2023 NI Colour Series was to The Burren, just of the Fermanagh border into Co Cavan on Saturday 28 October. The legend of the stray sod suggested that if a person steps on an enchanted clump of grass, they will become disorientated and lost, event in familiar outings. It would seem that quite a few compeititors had the misfortune of stepping on the sod. Apparently wearing an item of clothing inside out breaks the enchantment, so next time we return to the Burren, perhaps wear your O top inside out displaying OVL CONW, OMREF,

Thanks to the FermO team of Teresa Finlay, Planner, Organiser Raymond Finlay and Controller Robbie Bryson for a challenging day out in remarkably settled weather.

All the results are at Results/Results 2023, including Routegadget, Splitsbrowser and Winsplits. Do plot your route!

Several colours have now been won, so congratulations to David Blair and Olivia Baxter on Blue, James Ewart on Green, Cecil Armstrong on Short Green, Rachel Reid on Orange and Aran Power on Yellow. Check your own scores and see how you lie in the 2023 NI Colour Series League Table.

Do come along to the last 2023 Colour Series event at Whitespots Country Park, Newtownards, Co Down on Saturday 11 November. Entries open on SI entries at 7pm on Tuesday 31 October.

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Stephen Gilmore is the Hon Secretary of NI Orienteering.

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