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Soft Border Patrol

Being described as “unkind” in the start lane should be taken as a compliment, if you are the planner of a championship orienteering event. And so it proved to be that Ciara Largey had set may unforgiving traps for the unwary orienteer to fall into on the Cavan Burren, not to mention a few sink holes. The latter were generally avoided, but the devious planning of Ciara saw very few clean runs. Whilst many competitors were aware that extreme cation as required in the boulder strewn forest, it was the open areas that caught out many.

Perhaps for the first time, the Northern Ireland Championships were held completely outside of Northern Ireland, but only just as the closest control was only 30m away from the border with the control circle entering Co Fermanagh. RouteGadget shows that many competitors were within spitting distance of the UK. (Spitting of course is not a prevalent habit among orienteers at the best of times and certainly not during a pandemic.)

Reports at the finish were of a most enjoyable, challenging event on what turned out to be a dry day until mid afternoon.

The results, including RouteGadget, WinSplits and ranking points for BOF members are on the Results>2021 Results page.

Thanks are due to the Planner, (the very nice) Ciara Largey, FermO, Controller Val Jones, Fingal and Organiser Raymond Finlay, FermO and to all in Fermanagh Orienteers, assisted by North West Orienteering Club, for a great event.

Congratulations to the 2021 NI Championships:

  • W21 Olivia Baxter, LVO
  • W40 Fionne Austin, LVO
  • W45 Moire O’Sullivan, LVO
  • W55 Ruth Blair, NWOC
  • W60 Marlene Stephens, LVO
  • W65 Helen Baxter, LVO
  • W80 Rosemary Croley, LVO
  • M10  Aran Power, LVO
  • M14 Liam Hopkins, LVO
  • M16 Dan Murphy, LVO
  • M18 Chistopher McClure, LVO
  • M20 Peter Reed, LVO
  • M21 Simon Reeve, FermO
  • M45 Gordon Fallis, FermO
  • M50 Richard Vasey, LVO
  • M55 Billy Reed, LVO
  • M60 Michael Burton, LVO
  • M65 David Blair, NWOC
  • M70 Wilbert Hollinger, LVO
  • M75 Richard McCourt, LVO

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Stephen Gilmore is the Hon Secretary of NI Orienteering.

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