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Everyone Scores at Parkanaur

Wasn’t it great to be out orienteering in the forest again? The 2021 NI Score Champs was the first NI event in over a year, certainly an event with a difference. Originally planned for February, restrictions delayed the event to the end of May, but of course no government restriction will hold back the proliferation of vegetation.

Traditionally the first NI event of the year, the Score Champs suits the winter season as the mass start enables everyone to start together and return around the same time, easing the organisation and giving a social element to the event in cool weather. The big change in the organisation was of course the lack of a mass start, but the super sunny weather certainly allowed for socially distant conversation of almost negative scores over lunch after the event.

An analysis of the results show a wide variety of the order of collecting controls, which can only be evidence of great planning by Michael Burton, LVO. The topography of the area essentially divides into NE and SW lobes of the forest. 13 controls were placed in the NE with 17 to the SW. Interestingly the planner opted for all but 6 controls to have the same points with the remaining half dozen as double-pointers but of these, 4 were in the NE lobe and 2 of those were close together. So which was the best section of the forest to head for??

Good score planning also means that even the best orienteers will not be able to visit all the controls in the allocated time, so that they are faced with the same problem as lesser mortals. However with the highest score being 230 points out of a maximum of 360 for a 45min time limit, if 60 minutes were allowed and if a pro-rata calculation is appropriate then the maximum score would have been around 310, still short of the maximum. However does the math work that way, or is score orienteering something of a lottery??

Planner Michel Burton, LVO, Controller Raymond Finlay, FermO and Organiser Geoffrey Collins, LVO all looked pretty relaxed on the day, assured that they had provided challenging orienteering for the start of what we hope will be a full season.

Congratulations to our class winners, who will be presented at the forthcoming AGM after the Tollymore event.

  • M Open           Peter Reed, LVO
  • M18-                Daniel Earnshaw, LVO
  • M14-                Liam Hopkins, LVO
  • M Vet               Paul Daniels, LVO
  • M Supervet      David Blair, NWOC
  • W Open           Olivia Baxter, LVO
  • W18-               Meadow McCauley, LVO
  • W14-               Chloe Grattan, LVO
  • W Vet               Susan Lambe, LVO
  • W Supervet      Teresa Finlay, FermO

The next NI event is NI  Colour Series 2 at Crossmurrin, Co Fermanagh on 12 June with NI Colour Series 3 at Tollymore, Co Down on 26 June, both pre-entry only. (NI Series 1 has been postponed to later in the year.)

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Stephen Gilmore is the Hon Secretary of NI Orienteering.

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