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Charge for SportIdent Activity Card (SIAC) hire

Following on from the two very successful club events organised by LVO using SI Air+, a charge of £1.50 per event for the hire of Sport Ident Activity Cards (SIACs) in Northern Ireland will be introduced from October. Since we expect that the use of SIACs will be required for some time to come, as it permits the use of touch free punching, this charge is necessary as:

  • There is an ongoing “cost of ownership” for SIACs as unlike a conventional SI card, these contain a battery which requires replacement.
  • There are not enough SIACs available for some events, so extra cards will need to be hired in from SportIdent.
  • A charge will be fairer to those who already own a card and will encourage regular orienteers to purchase their own cards, which will free up cards for hire.
  • If more competitors own their own card, this will reduce the workload for organisers.

So perhaps now is the time to research and purchase your own SIAC, which are available from the website. Allow for a 2 week delivery time.

About the Author

Stephen Gilmore is the Hon Secretary of NI Orienteering.

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