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Published on June 26th, 2014 | by admin-nioa


WEE 2014 Event 8: Belfast Castle

By far the worst weather of the WEE series this year made the courses even more challenging. For those of you who had difficulty with number 4 on the long all I can say is that the control was in the correct place when we collected it. Thanks to Trevor for all his efforts, Peter for his organising and Wilbert for towing the MOO.

Next is a FREE event at Belfast Castle (YES !!) on Wednesday 30th July.

Planner’s Report – Well, what can I say an Epic indeed. As I’ve said Harold had encouraged me to use all ‘the facilities’ and plan to TD5, so here goes with my explanation. Control 1 was well hidden but sort of set the scene, No2 was designed to get you up the hill but with a fair bit of route choice, with the spur/ earth bank the direct route. I then deliberately brought you down again to set up the next leg which caused carnage. To attack it from the end of the spur brought you up through a series of MTB tracks and small knolls and this is where a lot of people struggled. From above/west that knoll is obvious as it sits across the track from a large re-entrant but from below it is nondescript. 5/6 were simple enough with 7 being a little more challenging. 8 was an easy control but presented a route choice again. The remainder were fine once you got into the woods, the trouble was the first few metres which had really sprouted up. That wood shouldn’t be green as once inside is very runnable and has a good unmarked path network. I enjoyed planning this course and can only offer an apology to those who struggled. I hope it hasn’t put you off and Bangor WEE should be easier or why not come back for the free event at Belfast Castle (which I’m not planning).

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