Results for NI Colour Series 1, Drum Manor, 26/02/2005

Saturday 21:08 results uploaded

Reinstatement of disqualified runners

A number of runners who were initially disqualified for missing electronic punch records, but who reported having visited all controls, have been reinstated in these results. There appeared to be legitimate problems with ecard operation, most likely relating to punching the stations from the wrong side, although battery issues cannot be ruled out. All sites were operational at the end of the event and there was no consistency in which boxes were mispunched. However, the hanging system used could have contributed to the problem and ways to improve this are being considered.

Competitors should be aware that the BOF guidelines urge controllers to take a very hard line indeed on electronic mispunching and it is likely that in most events disqualification would be automatic, unless the SI station in question was shown to have been faulty.

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