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Orienteering and the Revised Curriculum

Orienteering is becoming more popular in both Primary and Post Primary Schools.  Within the Primary School it is a useful tool in the delivery of the Revised Curriculum as it combines physical and numeracy skills with decision making and independent thought. It can be used post primary as an alternative activity in Years 7-9 or as part of the GCSE PE syllabus; within this 14 -18 year olds can complete the Young Leaders Award (6 hour delivery time) and can then assist a teacher or coach with other groups.

Competitions & Membership

NISOA runs a series of competitions open to any school.  You can attend as many competitions as you want as they are spread around NI.  Schools earn League points for attendance and additional points for placing in the events.   These competitions are designed to introduce orienteering at the correct level for beginners aged 9 – 13.

For Post Primary this is a good introduction to the basic skills of the sport and allows them to make an informed decision when it comes to GCSE PE choices.   At primary level it is anticipated that children will take part in pairs and post primary will run as individuals (can also run as pairs if necessary).  Events can sometimes be combined with other activities e.g. the October event at Stormont can include a visit to the Regional Assembly.

In joining the NISOA, you will receive assistance in any grant applications that may arise, warrant a cheaper rate of entry to our school events and have an intro session delivered at your school (provided the grounds are mapped).

For details on upcoming schools events, please contact our Regional Development Officer on rdo@niorienteering.org.uk

For info on joining the NISOA, please visit the ‘Join Us’ section of the website here.

GCSE PE Assessment Events

There are a number of Outdoor Centres that deliver orienteering as part of GCSE PE and provide assessment events in partnership with NI Orienteering.  These events provide teachers with the opportunity to assess their groups on an expertly planned course and in relation to other candidates.  The Centres that we regard as partners have had up-to-date training for their instructors, use good maps and electronic punching.  The latter provides data which can be used for the IT aspect of the GCSE course.  You can enter your school for an assessment event even if you have not done the training through the Centre.

Annual Assessment Events are held in Spring in the following areas:

  • Drum Manor Forest Park
  • Tollymore Forest Park

Our Current Partners are:

  • Gortatole Outdoor Education Centre, Fermanagh
  • Tollymore Mountain Centre, Newcastle
  • Woodhall Outdoor Centre, Kilrea
  • Bushmills Outdoor Centre, Bushmills
  • Delamont OEC





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