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How to join:
It should be a simple matter of sending an email to  You should receive a confirmation email shortly after this from the group asking you to confirm that you wanted to join.  Once you return this email, you should be a fully fledged member.
How to leave:
If for any reason you want to remove yourself from the group, it is just as simple.  Send an email to and you’re out of the loop again.
Post a message:
Once you have joined, you can post messages to the group by sending an email to  It’s as simple as that.
Receive messages:
You can configure your membership to either read messages online, get them forwarded to you immediately someone posts them onto the group, or get a daily digest which bundles all emails posted to the group for that day.
The actual newsgroup can be accessed by going to or directly to the message archive at 
Send an email to

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